Digital Podium HJ-27D
  • Digital Podium HJ-27D
Digital Podium HJ-27D

Digital Podium HJ-27D


1. Equipped DELL Inspiron 5477 all in one PC 23.8'' touch screen and 10 point touch with all-in-one PC presenting solution on top.

2. Present with microphone and lamp socket on the surface.

3. Interface for power ,audio,USB hub,Net,VGA and HDMI port etc.

4. New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your will.

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Wheels4 soft wheels with moving podium for convenience
Laptop interface modulespower 2x / USB 3x / AUDIO 1x / VGA 1x / HDMI 2x / MIC 2x / net 1x 
FeatureUp/down with the user’s will
Touch monitor23 inches
Adjusting monitor angle systemuser can set monitor‘s angle
Touch screen10 point touch
SoftwarePPT-Show presentation software
VGA VGA Outputs: VGA 2x, signal type: VGA, XGAmax. resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixel frequency: 440 MHz 
Packagingcarton case
CertificationCE, 3C, FCC, RoHS

Digital Podium HJ-27D

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