Father's Day

Jun. 13, 2019

Father's Day, as the name suggests, is a festival of grateful fathers. It began in the early twentieth century and originated in the United States. It has been widely spread around the world, and the date of the festival varies by region.

The most extensive date is on the third Sunday of June each year. There are 52 countries and regions in the world who have passed Father's Day on this day. There are various ways of celebrating the festival, most of which are related to giving gifts, family dinners or events.

China officials have not established a formal Father's Day. However, the mainland people used to use the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. And the Chinese Taiwan Father's Day is August 8. This year of 2019's Father's Day is June 16th, as to say this week's Sunday.

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Hebei Haijie Modern Educational Equipment Co., Ltd., a Digital Multimedia Podium Exporter,in addition to encouraging employees to work actively, also attaches great importance to the family and life of each employee. Hebei Haijie encourages every employee to express their love for their father on the occasion of Father's Day. Corporate culture is inevitably one of the important reasons why a group can flourish.

Many festivals throughout the year are designed to make us live with gratitude.

Cherishing deep gratitude, we will feel much more indebted to each of those who lend us a hand without claiming anything for rewards and miss them truly in the bottom of our hearts. But for their existence, we can never have today's happiness and joy.

With deep gratitude, we will deem the action of helping and encouraging others as the greatest pleasure, selflessly aiding those who are pinched in a dilemma or suffering from misfortune.

Entertaining deep gratitude, we will treat the others as well as the environment with more appreciation and less condemnation.

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