Intelligent Lectern Helps Improve Classroom Efficiency

Oct. 13, 2018

There is a gap in the configuration of multimedia teaching equipment. Due to the rapid development of the multimedia teaching equipment industry, there has been a large gap in the quality of multimedia teaching facilities between schools. The schools in the more developed areas have advanced multimedia facilities and complete configurations. Schools in remote areas still use equipment that has already been eliminated, affecting The development of multimedia teaching.

Teachers lack skills and experience in multimedia use. In the classroom teaching, multiple devices are more convenient to connect and use. However, the more devices are connected, the more complicated the operation is. Many teachers have deep qualifications and excellent teaching ability, but they don't know much about high-tech equipment. The operation is easy to make mistakes, which will cause premature equipment damage and affect teaching tasks. Completed and increased maintenance costs.

The Intelligent Lectern we produced is a good solution to this problem. A new generation of electric lifting column can adjust the height of the platform according to different needs; the material is professional aviation aluminum profile, the mold is molded once, and the surface is sandblasted and oxidized. The caster design is easy to move; the countertop can be equipped with a wooden cover to realize a dual-purpose; the professional professional presentation software is seamlessly connected with the PPT presentation, which greatly enhances the confidence of the speaker.

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