Three Product Features Of Charging Locker

Oct. 25, 2018

Three product features of Charging Locker:

1. The layout of the box door is reasonable, and the occupied space is small.

2, the quality is stable, the country is widely used.

3, strong confidentiality, easy to use

Our Charging Locker can also be Charging, synchronizing and storage station for up to 8 Tablets. Charging Locker integrates ergonomic design, f lexible functionality and device protection into one universal storage solution for Tablets.

Our Charging Locker Ideally suited for educational institutions, gastronomy / tourism, medica technology and industrial applications such as sales, presentations, tech nical services, exhibition stand construction / renting sites, logistics / me chandising and many more.

We are Charging Locker Wholesaler, if you want to know our Charging Locker can contact us, we also have Ipad Charging Locker Station available for you, contact us for more information.

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