What Should I Pay Attention To When Using The Mobile Charging Trolley?

Jan. 16, 2019

The Laptop Charging Trolley strictly checks whether the parts are damaged or loosened during transportation before being used.

The Laptop Charging Cart is connected to the AC power supply. It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance. Non-professional maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited to disassemble the side panels to avoid the risk of electric shock.

In the event of leakage, short circuit, overload, etc. The leakage short circuit protector on the side of the charging cabinet (ie the power leakage switch) will cut off the power supply; re-open the leakage short circuit protector switch (the leakage protection button should be pressed first before turning on) ), if it is protected again, professional maintenance personnel should be asked to troubleshoot before use.

The internal current meter/voltmeter power supply of the side panel needs to be installed by a professional. If it is connected or connected incorrectly, it will cause permanent damage to the ammeter/voltmeter.

The smart charging stand and the ground wire of the computer must be installed securely. If the ground wire installation is not stable, it will cause instability of the entire system, and will cause permanent damage to the product.

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