How to make laptop charging more convenient in the classroom?

Jun. 23, 2020

How to make laptop charging more convenient in the classroom?


As a solid backing for the promotion of new education, the tablet computer charging cabinet plays a vital role in the teaching process. It can not only ensure the normal operation of each teaching and teaching equipment, but also synchronize teaching resources. This not only increases the interaction between students and teachers, but also increases the fun of the classroom. Therefore, the charging cabinet plays an irreplaceable role in the rapid development of education.


Hebei Haijie Tablet Charging Cart

charging cart.png

Safety: with integrated power management system: it integrates leakage protection, overload protection, time-controlled management, and sequential power supply into one, providing multiple charging management modes (cycle, timing, sequential and other modes, which can be grouped and set up at will).


Beautiful: simple and elegant, built-in winding frame, plastic baffle.


Safety: The indicator light can help detect the state of charge, and it can also detect equipment failures in one step, avoiding the embarrassment that equipment failures are not easy to find.


Convenient: The external one-button start button is convenient and convenient, and the charging status is clear at a glance.


Movable: Silent universal wheel and trolley-type stainless steel handrail design, the charging cabinet is easy to move and place without noise.


Customization: can be customized according to different needs of different customers.

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