Why Is Mobile Phone Charging Cabinet Popular?

Aug. 30, 2018

There are often very important meetings in institutions, enterprises and institutions. During the meeting, important participants may not be shut down, or go to the bathroom, and some important confidential documents may be leaked. The leakage of information has caused hidden dangers. Therefore, how to prevent information leakage and protect national information security, mobile phone charging cabinets came into being at the meeting. The following small series will introduce the performance of the Mobile Phone Charging Cabinet.

The mobile phone charging cabinet is suitable for any place that needs to temporarily store the signal of the shielded mobile phone. The mobile phone charging cabinet is small in size, portable and portable, and can be easily stored in any place without being connected to the power supply. The scope of use is also very wide and can be used for Conference room, test center, military heavy industry base, national research unit, high-tech unit, etc. Mobile phone charging cabinet has physical shielding, no radiation, no interference, green, no maintenance, high cost performance and so on.

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