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Multimedia Technology and Education

Jul. 22, 2019

Multimedia Technology and Education

Nowadays, multimedia teaching devices have been brought into public concern and the heating debates are right on their way. Some people hold that multimedia technology is necessary and significant to students’ learning while others hold opposite views. From my point of the view, I am in favor of the former and I consider that multimedia technology has a great contribution to teaching as well as its use is great progress in education.

There are reasons accounting for my view. First, multimedia technology provides more ways and wider resources for students’ learning. Compared with the traditional teaching model, multimedia technology allows teachers to use more flexible and various ways to spread knowledge. Second, based on the first reason, multimedia technology will raise students’ interest and make them more concentrated on their class because it allows teachers to use not only words but also pictures and sound to present their courses. Therefore, with the help of multimedia technology, our learning will be more effective and efficient.

I also agree with some people’s view that technology often distracts students’ attention from real learning sometimes, but I think its advantages far weight than its disadvantages.

In short, I consider that multimedia technology has a great contribution to teaching. Therefore, I advocate that all schools should try to use it in teaching and introduce more advanced technologies to improve our education.

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