Which Type of Mobile Device Charging Station or Charging Car is Best for your School?

Apr. 08, 2020

There are many options to deploy mobile devices for students and it may be difficult to choose which model best suits your school. Would you like to bring home a digital device for each student? Have students use the equipment left in each classroom? Distribute mobile devices to students by sharing shopping cart methods? Or let students carry their own equipment from home? Each of these programs has its own strengths and challenges. No matter which method is chosen, a method for storing, charging and/or synchronizing devices is required. The type of mobile device charging station or charging cart you use depends on how you deploy mobile devices to students.

Charging Locker Station

Charging Locker Station

Every classroom has a Computer Stand behind the class. Let's look at the pros and cons of each method. Equipment in the classroom 1:1 program Benefits: The model creates consistency and unity, making it easier for IT employees to support devices. Because everyone uses the same type of device on the same platform, the teacher knows that any application they use can run on the student's device. And because the equipment is still in school, teachers don't have to worry about students leaving the equipment at home or forgetting to charge them. Challenge: Many schools may lack the funds needed to deploy the 1:1 program – it is difficult to find the space needed to store devices in the classroom. Ideal charging station: Since there is no need to move equipment from one classroom to another in a fully 1:1 environment, wall charging stations are a suitable option. These devices take up less space and typically cost less than a shopping cart, leaving more money to buy their own devices. Time is very valuable when you distribute equipment to students in class every day. the unique basket design of our Charging Locker Station makes this process easier and more efficient – thus saving valuable classroom teaching time. Another option is' Putnam 8 or 16. Although they are incompatible with the shopping basket, they are ideal for a 1:1" stay at school "program using a tablet. Additionally, the external LED display at the station allows you to easily know if all equipment has been withdrawn at the end of the day. Our company is a USB Charging Cart Supplier, welcome to consult us.

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