Interactive Classroom, Free Combination, Amazing Scenes

Dec. 24, 2018

With the continuous development of informatization education, informational education such as smart classrooms has entered the classrooms of primary and secondary schools. People have put forward higher requirements for the teaching environment and facilities. Hebei Haijie has developed interactive tables and chairs suitable for teaching and multi-functional splicing tables, which enable students to have a more comfortable learning environment and a more active classroom atmosphere.

The Interactive Teaching Chair is suitable for smart classrooms, general classrooms, training classrooms, etc. The scenes are changeable, freely spliced, and freely combined, which not only improves the interaction of the classroom, but also increases the fun of the classroom.

Interactive Teaching Chair, intelligent classroom accessory products, ergonomically designed, can be bent and adjusted according to the student's body shape, so that our children can be healthier when they go to school;

The Interactive Teaching Chair is highly mobile – the smart table and chair can easily match the various layouts of the classroom, allowing students to freely switch to the focus of the class, the lesson plan can be implemented more effectively, and the classroom interaction and fun are enhanced. Sex

The base of the Interactive Teaching Chair provides a unique storage solution for students' backpacks and other items. Otherwise, these items will pile up in the aisle, which makes the teaching mode convenient and fast when it needs to be transformed;

The work bench with Student Chair With Writing Pad can be adjusted to make students of all sizes feel comfortable;

The advantages of smart tables and chairs are not limited to the classroom. The development of today's office space also depends on cooperation, transformation, and mobility – these are the inseparable qualities of smart table and chair design.

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