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Do You Know About The Smart Classroom?

Jan. 22, 2019

Smart classrooms are a form of digital classrooms and future classrooms. Wisdom classroom is a new type of education, which is different from the traditional way of listening. Pre-class students prepare in advance, learn group discussions in class, and test at any time. Teachers can quickly grasp the learning situation of each student and provide targeted guidance.

However, what hardware facilities do we have to build smart classrooms? Then the Tablet Charging Cart Manufacturer will introduce them one by one:

1. Tablet Charging Cart

Tablet Charging Cart is a new type of product for charging digital products. It can be used to charge tablets, tablets, iPads, e-books, etc., and realize the rational management of its digital products.

2. Digital Podium

A new generation of electric lifting column can adjust the height of the platform according to different needs; the material is professional aviation aluminum profile, the mold is molded once, and the surface is sandblasted and oxidized. The caster is designed to be easy to move; the countertop can be equipped with a wooden cover to achieve a dual purpose; the internal professional presentation software, seamlessly connected with the PPT presentation, greatly enhances the speaker's confidence.

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