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What Is Charge Cart?

Jul. 11, 2018

The Charge Cart is a computer device that converts AC power to a multi-line device. Charge cart is widely used in various fields, and can be widely used in schools, institutions, and other collective units to charge devices at the same time. The charge cart facilitates the management of digital products. Each floor has a drawer design for easy connection charging; the bottom of the tablet charging cabinet has a pulley that can be moved. So what is the charge cart? Xiaobian summed up the following points:

1. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with high-quality silent casters and 2 universal wheels with 2 brake wheels to facilitate the movement of the cabinet.

2. The circuit is equipped with an integrated power management series protection system to prevent overload and short circuit and prevent leakage, ensuring the personal safety of the user.

3. There is an engineering plastic compartment in the cabinet, and the tablet is placed in layers to prevent the tablet from being scratched.

4. Adopting a fully enclosed anti-theft structure for security and security.

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