What are the features of Notebook Charging Cart?

Oct. 15, 2019

  Generally there are multiple digits: 10 digits / 20 / bit / 36 bit / 51 bit / 60 bit / 64 bit and other different digits, according to customer needs to customize different digits, so the charging cabinet is a centralized management charging cabinet device of.

  Charging Cabinet Cart is usually referred to as a computer device that converts AC power to a multi-line device. Tablet charging cabinets are widely used in various fields, and can be widely used in collective charging units of schools or institutions, such as enterprises and institutions, and tablet charging cabinets facilitate the management of digital products. Each the floor has a drawer design for easy connection charging; the bottom of the tablet charging cabinet has a pulley that can be moved.

Notebook Charging Cart

Ipad Charging Cabinet

  What does the Notebook Charging Cart do now as a feature:

  1. Adopting a fully enclosed anti-theft design: security anti-theft.

  2. Generally there are multiple digits: 10 digits / 20 / 8 / 36 / 51 / 60 / 64 bits, etc., according to customer needs to customize different digits, so the charging cabinet is a centralized management Charging cabinet equipment.

  3. Haixin charging cabinet adopts subdivision design, the front part is the teacher and student use area, and the rear part is equipment debugging and maintenance area. Use different anti-theft locks before and after (the front door is a double anti-theft lock). The inner part of the cabin is separated from strong and weak electricity, and students cannot access the strong electricity part. (The front compartment is a charging area for the tablet, the student contacts the area, no strong electricity; the rear compartment is the power management control area, controlled by professional management personnel).

  4. Equipped with an integrated power management system, it integrates anti-leakage, anti-short-circuit, anti-overload, multi-mode display digital intelligent switch machine function. You can set the time at your own pace, save energy, and have a priority power supply. When using (Auto), the system defaults to charging all day.

  5. The temperature-controlled fan is forced to dissipate heat, and the intelligent mutual circulation heat dissipation structure is used. The heat generated by the adapter during the charging process is forcibly discharged by the fan, and the temperature does not move when the temperature is within the safe range.

  6. The LED digital indicator light on the outside of the cabinet corresponds to the corresponding position of the equipment in the cabinet, which is displayed in a centralized manner and reflects the charging status of each tablet in real-time.

  7. High-quality ultra-quiet casters (four-wheeled universal, two-wheeled brakes) and left and right ergonomic handles.

  8.USB power supply, 5V/2A direct output, full power management chip IC design, automatic detection of the plate allows input current, priority supply low potential equipment. According to the battery power, the power is automatically supplied in three modes: normal, fast, and turbulent.

  9. Data synchronization function: The software can automatically detect the tablet connected to the charging cabinet. Users can effectively group the tablets through the computer, add and upload files in batches, install and uninstall the APP with one button, without the manual operation of each tablet; users can pass The software sets the personalized name of the tablet to visually reflect the status of all the tablets; and has the function of detecting the capacity, power and voltage adjustment of the device, centrally controlling the restart and shutdown of all the tablets; and automatically detecting the repair fault function. The software built-in file management interface manages pictures, music, system files, built-in SD card, extended SD card, and downloaded files on the tablet, and can be deleted or uploaded to the computer. At the same time, the IOS system in Ipad Charging Cabinet only supports file transfer.

  10. The side of the cabinet has a storage slot for storing power cords, wireless APs, etc.

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