Jan. 12, 2021

Internet of Things tablet charging cart-"online management" realizes the Internet of things management of tablet charging cart, real-time monitoring of operating status, centralized management of equipment and clear operation status.

●Through the mobile phone App, windows centralized management platform, real-time monitoring of equipment and one-key control of equipment.

●You can choose face recognition, fingerprint recognition, all-in-one card swiping, ID card swiping, password, remote and other methods to open the charging cart door.

●Real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity changes in the charging cart to prevent overheating and humidity, and generating temperature and humidity movement curves.

●Monitor power consumption and count daily, monthly and annual power consumption. Provide a basis for schools to allocate electricity rationing reasonably.

●Remotely or locally set cycle, timing and other charging working modes to avoid situations such as excessive power overload of the device.

●The synchronous charging cart can monitor the working status of each USB port in real time, whether the device is plugged in, charging current, charging synchronization mode, whether the device is fully charged, etc.

●Optional LCD control screen to display the cart's working status, temperature and humidity, power consumption, working status of each USB port, charging status, etc.


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