Dec. 01, 2022

The advent of the information age is always impacting the new reform of the education and teaching model. The smart podium has gradually replaced the wooden podium. According to statistics, many colleges and universities in the world have adopted smart platforms. It is used in professional courses, large lecture halls, smart classrooms, etc.

The following is a smart podium that I recommend you for the latest research and development.


1. Overall dimensions: 725*700*1124mm (length*width*height)
2. The main material is 1.2mm high-quality steel plate.
3. Two microphone ports are reserved above the table.
4. Built-in 23.8-inch touch monitor, electric adjustment of angle 6.5°-26.5°.
5. Built-in 9U, 19-inch standard rack.
6. Metal sliding cover above the monitor.
The slide cover not only protects the monitor, but can also be used to hold other items such as a laptop.
7. Reserve a pull-out keyboard drawer below the monitor.
8. The right side of the podium is equipped with a pull-out drawer.
9. An aluminum alloy interface panel is integrated on the side of the podium.
Integrated interfaces include: HDMI*1, USB*2, VGA*1, power socket*1.
10. A number of cooling holes are reserved under the podium to allow the heat to be dissipated in time.
11. The podium can be equipped with intelligent control system (LCD panel).
In this way, the Internet of Things management and control functions are realized.
12. Optional ≤32-inch advertising screen.
It can be connected to the Internet through a network cable or WIFI. We can also remotely set pictures, videos and texts on the screen through the mobile phone App.

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