Nov. 03, 2021

Many people think that the tablet can be charged directly, so why buy a tablet charging cabinet?


Answer: The tablet charging cabinet can charge and manage multiple tablets in a centralized manner. When multiple tablets need to be charged in a centralized manner, it is still necessary to purchase a tablet charging cabinet.

Necessity A:


The power supply of the flat-panel charging cabinet is equipped with safety protection and has the function of controlling short-circuit protection. Automatically recognize the actual current and voltage required by the tablet, and match the appropriate current and voltage to intelligently ensure the safety of charging equipment.


Necessity B:


When multiple tablets need to be charged, if multiple sockets are used at the same time, not only the data lines are messy, but there are also safety risks when charging. Using a flat charging cabinet for charging can avoid direct contact with the mains, which is safe and beautiful. Especially in schools, educational institutions and other places, the safety of teachers and students when charging the equipment is also guaranteed.


Necessity C:


With the tablet charging cabinet, it is more convenient to manage. There are partitions inside the flat-panel charging cabinet, and one flat-panel has a compartment. When it is not charging, it can also be put in storage. The cabinet has a door lock, no matter whether it is charging or storing, there is no need to worry about the loss of the equipment.

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