Can The Laptop Be Charged While Using It?

May. 16, 2019

As a Chromebook Charging Trolley Supplier, let's talk about charging the notebook.

The battery management mode of the notebook is very advanced, and there is no overcharge problem. At the same time, the battery monitoring of the notebook computer is also very perfect, the voltage, current, balance and battery temperature of the battery are monitored at any time, and there is no abnormal heating or damage of the battery. If the battery is abnormal, it will immediately cut off the battery circuit and enter the protection state. So don't worry about using the side to charge to damage the battery or cause personal injury. At the same time, the notebook's power management system will automatically reduce the screen brightness, reduce the volume, reduce the CPU speed, etc. to improve battery life, that is, the performance of using a battery notebook is not optimal. The battery is only for use when there is no AC power. If there is a power supply, it is best to use AC power. Of course, to extend battery life. The laptop recommends a battery discharge operation once a month. That is, when the battery is not used for a long time, it is better to use up the battery once a month.

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