Chinese Smart Phones Are Popular In Foreign Countries

Aug. 06, 2019

Chinese Smart Phones Are Popular In Foreign Countries

The smartphone has been the indispensable equipment of our life. We can use a smartphone to keep in touch with our friends and families, even a lot of businessmen use it to make big deals. As the great demand for this technology, more brands have been presented to the consumers. To everyone’ surprise, Chinese brands have been favored by foreign customers.

There is no doubt that Apple is very favored by Chinese teenagers. Every time when the new style is put forward, so many young people are crazy about Apple products. They feel proud to own an iPhone. But as the development of homemade brands, Oppo and Huawei have been occupied the cell phone market. In some countries, we can see Oppo and Huawei ads everywhere. 

The foreign customers speak highly of a homemade smartphone. They are willing to buy an Oppo instead of iPhone because Oppo is much cheaper while its function works well. When we are crazy about foreign products, our homemade products have been sold well in the foreign market. Once many foreign media criticized China for copying the technology, but now we have the confidence to fight back.

Therefore, we must support domestic production. Support Chinese manufacturing to the world. Realize innovation in education and technology. As an indispensable backbone of the education industry, Haijie will move forward.

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