Aiming At The Goal, Doing A Good Job In Education Informationization

May. 05, 2019

As a School Furniture Collaborative Table Supplier, let's talk about how to do a good job in education informationization. In the actual work of education and teaching, in order to truly play the role of information technology, we should first systematically sort out the main problems in the school management and education bureau management; then, explore the "Internet +", artificial intelligence and large Under the support of data and other technologies, the new education system can effectively solve the main problems of education and teaching. In accordance with the needs of the new education system, research, design, and build an effective information environment and support system. After that, the system training teachers in accordance with the new education system, make full use of the built information environment and support system to carry out education and teaching activities. On this basis, it is possible to truly realize the transition from traditional teaching to smart teaching and intelligent learning, and realize the transition from management to governance.

In the solution of education and teaching problems, we should focus on solving the difficulties of individualized classroom teaching, the inability of high-quality teachers to cover all students, the lack of deep understanding and exploration of knowledge, the difficulty of monitoring and monitoring of teaching and learning, the difficulty in monitoring and regulating teachers' teaching level, and school management. And bottlenecks such as the overall real-time regulation of schooling. It is necessary to systematically study the solutions and laws of these problems under the support of technologies such as “Internet +”, artificial intelligence and big data, and support the construction direction and requirements of systems, resources and environment.

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Among them, the core issue is what kind of ability teachers should have in order to carry out education and teaching work in accordance with the new education system and how to equip teachers with such capabilities. To solve this problem, we should first study how the new education system is and how it is constructed. Then, according to the new education system, we will study what kind of abilities teachers should have and formulate corresponding training programs to explore and establish a practical training system.

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