How To Use The Tablet Charging Cart?

May. 30, 2018

How to use the Tablet Charging Cart, the steps are as follows:

First install: 1. Take out the M6 internal hexagon wrench, remove the 4 screws on the left and right doors, and open the left and right doors. 2. Pull out the UBS data cable and plug it into the USB port. Connect the data cable to the card slot. 3, plug the USB data cable charging port into the corresponding tablet computer charging hole. 4, screw the left and right doors with M8 screws to complete the installation

Secondly: 1. Open the front door, place the tablet PC on the partition board, and connect the UBS data cable 2. Plug the charging cabinet's power cord into the wall outlet and the switch socket. 3. Check the leakage protection device and the microcomputer control switch. Whether it is in the open state 4, press the switch and start charging 5. When not in use, disconnect the power cord, and separate the power cord of the charging cabinet from the wall outlet.

Here to remind all buyers, tablet computer charging car is a very high safety factor, so please carefully choose Tablet Charging Cart Suppliers.

Tablet Charging Cart

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