Do you know the six main points of using the Smart Charging Cabinet?

Jan. 10, 2020

In order to let users use the smart charging cabinet correctly, the following School Furniture Interactive Teaching Chairs Factory introduces the use method of the smart charging cabinet:

1. Use the induction key to close the sensor head of the small cabinet door. After 1 second of contact, if the key is paired, you can hear the "click" sound of the electromagnetic lock when the door is opened. At the same time, the door automatically pops open. If there is a "click" sound cabinet door If it is not open, please check whether the door and the cabinet are scratched. If it is silent, check whether the key is paired with the door or demagnetized.

2. Put the miner's lamp in the lightbox, and the charging method is the top-down sliding method. When you see the red light on or the door display shows the charging status, it indicates that the lamp is charging, otherwise the opposite, if not For charging, please check whether the positive and negative contact spring points of the light box charger pop up, or check whether the contact points of the light body are in good contact.

3. After putting the miner's lamp and the self-rescue device, the cabinet door should be closed gently. It is forbidden to cover the cabinet door with force. When closing the door, press the sensor to lock the nose part gently, other parts are likely to deform the door.

4. After the door is locked, please check whether it is closed and the charging status of the LCD screen is normal.

5. The sensor key should be kept away from wet and soaked water. It should be stored separately. Only miner's lamps and self-rescuers can be stored in the light box, and other items or tools are strictly prohibited.

6. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble the circuits and various devices of the miner's lamp or smart charging cabinet. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, please contact the management of the lamp room.

Tablet Storage Charging Cart

Tablet Storage Charging Cart

The correct method of use is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the Tablet Storage Charging Cart, so users must carefully read the relevant instructions before using the smart charging cabinet. If you do not understand the problem during use, please solve it in time to avoid damage to the equipment due to improper operation.

The intelligent ventilation management system starts running with charging and stops when charging is saturated.

When the charged vehicle starts to run, the symmetrical four-axis fan starts to work to ensure that the internal temperature environment of the charged the vehicle is within the allowable range.

Laptop charging car, reasonable external bee air design, will dissipate the internal hot air in the shortest time to ensure the low-temperature environment charging status in the trolley.

Constant low-temperature ventilation and cooling design ensure high temperature for each laptop and reduces usage time. Each tablet has an LED light in the charging position. The indicator intelligently identifies the charging status of each panel. When charging, the LED light is red, and when it is full / no load, it is green. Our company also has Digital Podium on sale, welcome to consult.

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