How To Choose A Cost-effective Tablet Charging Trolley?

Jan. 30, 2019

With economic development and social progress, smart classrooms and smart classrooms are no longer pilot projects, but become the standard of many schools. Then, in the context of the rapid development of smart classrooms and smart classrooms, he cannot do anything important. The backbone of the tablet - Tablet Charging Cart.

So how to choose a cost-effective charging cabinet in the market of tablet charging cabinets, Haijie Tablet Charging Trolleys gives the following suggestions:

1. One-button power supply startup, indicator light and design not only can understand the charging dynamics in real time, but also help to detect charging equipment;

2, universally silent brake casters, reducing the distress of the equipment sounds;

3, integrated power manager, making charging safer and more secure;

4. The handrail adopts the design of the difference of the height of the composite human body, which makes the movement of the cabinet more convenient and quicker;

5, ABS partition, so that each computer has its own fixed area, and there is a jack at the rear, the line is beautiful and tidy;

6. Ventilation port setting can ensure that the equipment can maintain sufficient ventilation and heat dissipation under the condition of charging, without worrying about the influence of high temperature on the equipment;

Tablet Charging Cart HJ-CM13

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