Notes on using Laptop Charging Cart for the first time

Nov. 25, 2019

A charging cabinet is a computer device that converts AC power into a multi-line device. Charging cabinets have a wide range of uses in various fields and can be widely used in collective units such as schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions to charge devices simultaneously. Charging cabinets facilitate the management of digital products. Each floor adopts drawer design for easy connection and charging; Laptop Smart Charging Cart has wheels on the bottom and can be moved. The charging cabinet is a new product that is focused on charging digital products. It facilitates the management of digital products and has the following product advantages:

1. This circuit is equipped with an integrated power management series protection system, which can prevent overload, short circuit and leakage, ensuring user safety.

2. There are engineering plastic compartments in the cabinet, and the tablet can effectively prevent the tablet from being scratched.

3. The cabinet is made of high-quality materials, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-static, safe and durable.

4. It adopts a fully enclosed anti-theft structure, which is safe and reliable.

5. Support different tablet computers to charge at the same time according to the actual needs of customers

Before connecting the tablet charging cabinet to the power supply for the first time, you must carefully check each component. As there is AC power in the charging cabinet, if you are not a professional, please do not remove or remove the divider on the side of the cabinet, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.

Laptop Charging Cart

Laptop Charging Cart

Notes on using Laptop Charging Cart for the first time:

1. Turn off the charging switch before connecting the charging cable or other actions;

2. Do not wipe the live switch socket with a wet cloth.

3. Do not block the ventilation openings of the rack. The safe operation of the equipment requires proper airflow;

4. The rack and equipment should be placed in an environment with little dust and temperature not exceeding 50 ° C;

5. Make sure to turn off the power switch and unplug the rack before moving. Make sure the casters are locked before opening the back door.

Precautions when buying a tablet charging car:

1. In the process of tablet charging, the tablet charging cabinet can be connected in parallel, that is, each tablet charging is an opposite power interface and does not affect each other. Even if there is a direct problem with one or two charging interfaces, it does not affect other tablet charging. It is the design link of teaching tablet charging cabinet.

2. It is necessary to consider the safety of the product. The safety here means that the charging cabinet cannot leak electricity. It is very important to use it in the teaching environment. The safety of students involves all aspects of society. It is not careless and careless.

3. The teaching environment is required to be relatively quiet. During the movement of the flatbed charging car with teaching charging, the cabinet must be silent during movement so that it does not create noise and noise, which affects students' learning.

4. The flat charging car must have a certain degree of beauty. The teaching flat charging cabinet is placed in the classroom to integrate with the environment. The angle of the cabinet of the flat charging car is made as arc as possible to avoid injured children.

The above points are the most important points for teaching tablet charging cart at ease. Excellent products must include but not only the above points. I believe that customers have a certain understanding of tablet charging cars. Our company is Laptop Charging Cart China Wholesaler, welcome to consult.

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