What can Smart Classrooms Solve?

Feb. 05, 2020

Exploring the specific transformation process needs to start from the classroom itself.

Based on advanced teaching concepts and real teaching situations, combined with cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, it implements centralized intelligent recording, remote interaction, and normalized live recording and broadcasting in a combination of software and hardware, providing big data for teaching decisions. Support to create an intelligent and efficient learning ecological environment.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium

Smart classroom solutions have the following characteristics:

1. Innovative classroom: The teaching mode is diversified. The new classroom layout and teaching mode co-exist with multiple types of instruction: teaching, discussion, and remote interactive teaching.

2. Academic analysis: Based on face recognition technology, it automatically counts classroom usage, classroom attendance, and students' class status, providing intuitive technical analysis for classroom teaching.

3. Intra-curricular interaction: Classes can be conveniently carried out with the help of mobile terminals, promoting educational equity and improving teaching quality.

4. Mobile application: The application is shifted to the mobile terminal, and the use of mobile phones or Pads to complete the teacher's "depodiumization" will bring closer the relationship between teachers and students, and it will be easy to use and operate.

5. Intelligent recording: Full-automatic intelligent collection of multiple scenes and multiple teaching modes, which not only ensures sufficient teaching video resources, but also truly liberates manpower costs, enabling high-quality classroom teaching by famous teachers to be easily recorded without disturbing teaching.

6. Visual management: Provides a visualized centralized control management system, which can comprehensively monitor the classroom situation, combined with dynamic data presentation, to facilitate the daily monitoring and supervision of teaching managers and other tasks.

7. One-click control: The smart classroom has many functions. All the operating teachers can control the switching of various teaching equipment in the classroom through Digital Podium, which can quickly and easily switch modes.

How to build a smart classroom? As an Interactive Teaching Chairs Supplier, tell everyone.

Understanding the characteristics of smart classrooms is the basis for developing solutions.

1. First of all, through continuous investigation and field visits, understand the status of the construction and application of smart classrooms.

2. According to the survey results, focus on selecting integrators and equipment suppliers for communication, and then design the construction plan.

3. Combining the construction plan with curriculum construction and teaching reform to determine the focus and goals of construction.

4. Let frontline teachers understand the role of smart classrooms through publicity and training, discover teachers' needs for classrooms, and integrate them into construction plans.

5. After many exchanges and designs, the construction plan diagram, effect diagram, application scene diagram, and operation process of various scenarios are finally formed.

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