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Bingbing Li ---- How Hard She Has Learned English!

Jun. 06, 2019

Li Bingbing, who has always been impressed is the image of her royal elder sister. 

In August last year, the Chinese and American co-production "Major Shark" starring Bingbing Li and American actor Jason Statham was very good at the box office. The performance of the film in the international box office far exceeds expectations. This movie not only achieved good results in the global box office of more than 500 million US dollars. At the same time, the mainland box office also exceeded 1 billion. 

Many people may not know that as one of the international actresses, in fact, she began learning English from the age of 37. That year, she scored only 27 points in College Entrance examination Examination.

When the movie "Transformers 4" was in the air, the media's visit to Li Bingbing continued. She once said, "I am in Hong Kong and I have to do 30 visits one day. Every visit is of 5 minutes in English. It gives me a lot of pressure because I don't want to lose face." The director of "Transformers 4" does not allow translators to be next to Bingbing Li. She has to rely on herself: "This height of tension and concentration, your progress will be particularly fast."

How hard is she to learn English? Look at her experience before becoming an international actor.

How to learn? She said that it is good to be diligent. She doesn't know many words and every time she goes out, she keeps on checking and learning words at any time. When she meets an unknown word outside, she took out her mobile phone to check the words right now. More desperate than checking words, she created a learning environment in English at home. Even the walls of the toilet are covered with English words and English novels.

Bingbing Li has three tips for practicing English:

First: Grab all fragmentation time (three-time study method for piecemeal time)

Second: good at divergent thinking

Third: "thick skin", "open mouth"

The college entrance examination English being only 27 points, started to learn English again at 37 years old, spoke at the United Nations in English at the age of 41, now she has become famous Hollywood heroine... Goddess is working so hard. Why don't you learn English well?

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