What Are The Advantages Of Phone Charging Cabinet?

Aug. 29, 2018

Mobile phone is an indispensable communication device in our daily life. It not only helps us to provide communication, but also allows us to relax and swim in the online world. However, there are occasions where it is not allowed to carry mobile phones. It is obviously not safe to place the mobile phone on the desktop, so most companies now buy mobile phone charging cabinets for storing those mobile phones. This product not only has storage effects, but also We can provide charging services for everyone, and we don't have to worry about the lack of electricity after getting the phone. Phone Charging Cabinet has the following advantages:

1. Programmatic operation: The ID (IC) card locker control system is adopted. This system selects the optimized non-contact ID (IC) card as the electronic key, which has the safety advantage that cannot be copied, and provides users with high accuracy. Efficient access service.

2, user-friendly operation design: the clear user interface uses a dot-matrix large-screen LCD screen with backlight, prompting users and managers for use and management.

3, secure login: special management card plus password to enter the management mode, parameter settings, emergency door opening, query and other operations, greatly improving security.

4, the use of imported bar code reader, high recognition rate, fast and accurate; for the folded, smashed bar code paper (as long as the bar code graphics are not damaged), still can reach 100% recognition rate. The use of a barcode as a retrieval voucher improves the confidentiality of the voucher.

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Phone Charging Cabinet

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