A Teaching Revolution Brought About By Wisdom Education

Jan. 07, 2019

CustomTablet Charging Cart can be customized according to customer needs!

Wisdom education has developed rapidly in the United States, South Korea, Singapore and other places. In the past few years, this wave of development of smart education has also swept the country. Beijing, Shanghai and other places have opened up the exploration of wisdom education, and the era of wisdom education is coming with an unstoppable trend!

Wisdom education brings new learning methods such as online learning and virtual practice experience to learners. Personalized teaching based on mobile terminals has broken the barriers of traditional teaching and made learning forms more diverse. Whether it is the Internet of Things, big data, these emerging technologies can give learners a personalized, interactive and seamless learning experience, and then in the context of the rapid development of smart classrooms and smart classrooms, he can not be separated from a pivotal backbone. Power---Tablet Use Charging Cart.

According to the actual needs of customers, different tablets can be charged at the same time, such as 10 to 60.

1. The cabinet material is made of 1.0-1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, so that it can be safe and durable;

2. The armrest design should be ergonomic, using elliptical stainless steel tube, beautiful, practical, not ice-handed;

3. The charging cabinet body and the left and right doors are all designed with a circular arc, which greatly reduces the problem of collision between teachers and students; the door can realize an opening angle of 270°, which is more convenient for accessing the tablet;

4. The whole cabinet has vent holes to effectively discharge the hot air inside the cabinet. It is also equipped with a temperature control switch to intelligently control the temperature. When the temperature inside the chassis reaches the set value, the fan is exhausted and opened.

5. There is an engineering plastic compartment in the cabinet, and the tablet computer is placed in layers to effectively prevent the tablet from being scratched. At the same time, it is equipped with a crash pad to prevent the tablet from slipping off;

6. The circuit with NC4TN power management system to ensure the user's personal safety;

7. The front button is used to start the power supply and also has the power display light to ensure that the tablet has overshoot and so on;

8. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with ultra-quiet shock absorbing universal wheel and brake wheel to facilitate the movement of the cabinet;

CustomTablet Charging Cart can be customized according to customer needs!

Tablet Charging Cart HJ-CM22

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