What Are The Main Functions Of Digital Podium?

Jun. 21, 2018

Digital Podium is a new high-level teaching training and conference presentation method in the international arena. It is a high-tech product researched and developed by gathering high-tech means such as advanced electronic technology, software technology and internet technology. Digital podium mainly has the following functions:

1. With the projector, computer, touch screen, the computer's display as a touch screen, you can use the electronic pen instead of the mouse to operate the computer on the screen.

2. Comment on any screen on the monitor.

3. Use the electronic pen to achieve seamless writing and drawing on the screen.

4. All images and sounds can be simultaneously recorded and recorded, and can be edited and managed in the background, and can be printed, sent via the Internet, and burned.

5. Broadcast, multicast, and broadcast can be realized with graphics and sound.

6. It is possible to realize interaction between both parties.

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