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What are the Characteristics of Digital Podium in Teaching Use?

Feb. 25, 2020

As a Digital Podium China Supplier, share with you. With the advent of the digital age, Digital Podium has been widely used in the teaching of schools at all levels and has achieved good teaching results. Why is the smart podium so popular because it has the following characteristics:

Digital Podium

Digital Podium

1. Really one-lock control: Only one key can easily open all the doors of the podium: "Opening the table is as simple as opening a laptop computer!" Convenient management and easy operation.

2. All-steel high-quality materials, electrostatic plastic spraying: fire-proof, lightning-proof, anti-static all-steel structure design, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, beautiful appearance, surface pickled, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, strong and sturdy.

3. Precise intelligent control: As long as the protection door is opened, the automatic control system can start the computer and power on other equipment to enter the standby state. When the multimedia system is ready to leave, no matter what the state is, just close the protection door, The control system will automatically turn off the power of the multimedia platform equipment one by one according to normal procedures, and the podium working power will be automatically turned off after 3 minutes by default.

4. Thoughtful and ergonomic design: Convenient and practical central console, all operations of the multimedia platform are completed on the center console (such as computer startup buttons, laptops, external audio and video equipment, network connection, etc.), use It's easy and simple to get up without bending down.

5. Large-capacity internal space: the host computer (or laptop), keyboard and mouse, central control system, 15-17 inch display, 19 inch LCD display, physical display stand, wireless microphone, recorder, video recorder, DVD players, audio amplifiers, teaching terminals, broadcast terminals and other multimedia equipment. Built-in speakers, convenient for audio requirements in classrooms below 100㎡.

6. Network anti-theft security design: Once the protection door is closed, if the platform door is not locked, or if the door is pried, the projector will be cut and disconnected, and the system will sound an alarm. At the same time, the alarm set in the security room will show the alarm position. The podium alarm system can be equipped with multiple modes of alarm host.

7, the wiring is simple, with a complete external equipment interface: compact structure of the vertical installation cabinet, high standard and safe electrical wiring technology, so that the desk is clean and beautiful. Various interfaces of powerful external equipment, reserve space for future teaching application management expansion and upgrade.

8. One multi-purpose: the smart platform is in the state of all equipment. Teaching aids, teaching instruments, and experimental demonstrations can still be placed on the table.

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