Features Of Tablet Charging Cart

May. 16, 2018

Tablet Charging Cart has the advantages:

The laptop is safely stored in the car, and the mobility of the car breaks the constraints of space, enables the computer to enter the classroom, and the informational environment enters the classroom, realizing the complete integration of the informatized classroom and the traditional classroom. Can enter any school, do not need a dedicated classroom, no special desks and chairs, no special wiring environment, no special power environment

Clock intelligent management system:

1. Convenient and beautiful tabletop design allows managers to visually observe and conveniently manage operating time settings

2. Intelligent time management system, so that all laptops in the collection room can be automatically charged according to the best charging time, saturated automatic power-off function. Let every laptop charge to its best, ensure the maximum life of each notebook in the classroom

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Tablet charging Cart HJ-CM16

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