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Traditional Podiums Are Gradually Being Replaced By Digital Podium

Oct. 30, 2018

The traditional platform is highly fixed. In most cases, it does not match the height of the speaker. It can not only make the different speakers feel comfortable and comfortable. If the difference is too big, it will interfere with the deterioration of the mood and seriously affect the performance of the lecture. The chair is configured according to needs, which is not convenient for taking up space and moving. In recent years, the platform height adjustment technology has made certain progress. At present, there are not only the platform design patents that can be manually or electrically adjusted, but also practical products. Haijie is one of the well-known brands engaged in research, development, production, sales and application of paperless education solutions and related products. The products include Charging Cabinet Cart, Digital Podium, all-in-one computer, smart projector, electronic desk, E-book bags, teaching software, pre-school education, smart classrooms, cloudless paperless teaching systems, etc. And by providing innovative technology and product solutions, users can enjoy a full range of paperless teaching and paperless business office services such as voice, data, multimedia, wireless broadband.

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