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Seven Advantages Of Intelligent Lectern

Sep. 26, 2018

With the emergence of Intelligent Lectern, it has brought great convenience to our teaching. What advantages does the intelligent platform we produce have?

1. The reserved microphone and table lamp interface, two USB ports, and reserved control buttons such as lifting adjustment, microphone mute, table lamp switch, one-button computer switch;

2. The tablet/smartphone card slot is reserved for the countertop, which is convenient for using the smart terminal as the control panel;

3. Both sides of the table can be integrated with removable trays, which can be used for storing documents, cups and other items;

4. The unique aluminum lifting bracket can adjust the height according to the height of the speaker, making the speaker more convenient and comfortable to speak;

5. At the bottom of the podium, reserve the power cable, audio cable, network cable, VGA cable, etc., and connect external speakers and other devices as needed;

6. The bottom can be equipped with a caster tray as needed to facilitate movement.

7. Built-in professional presentation software, seamlessly connected with PPT presentations, greatly enhancing the confidence of the speaker.

Our smart podium can also be used as a School E-podium. In short, he is an Integrated Lectern. If you are interested in our Integrated Lecterns, you can contact us.

Intelligent Lectern

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