Interactive Teaching board

Jul. 20, 2020

With people's attention to environmental protection, children's products are also the focus of people's attention.

We all know that chalk produces dust, and that blackboard/green slabs can also affect vision if used for a long time.

Dust will not only harm the health of teachers and students, but also shorten the service life of teaching equipment.

So in order to solve this problem, Hai Jie group launched a low-light quantum environmental protection teaching system.

Interactive Teaching board and water - based environmental protection pen set are combined.

Really liberate teachers and students from the hazards of dust.

To create a new environment for green environmental protection and health education.

Interactive Teaching board

Recommendation Rate:★★★★★


Interactive Teaching board Integrated the blackboard and the projection scree.



Galvanized steel sheet, surface is Japanese crystal lattice nano-coating, matte, visual greater than 30 °, non-reflective.


Matte white surface protects vision

Designed according to the theory of low-light quantum theory.The matte white surface can protects vision and prevent myopia.



No electronic equipment accessor, no power, no heat, no radiation.


Directly used as a projection screen

Can be used directly as a projection screen, the projection imaging color is soft, no spot; integrated design, can be written directly in the projection area.

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