How to judge the quality of a Tablet Storage Charging Cart?

Nov. 01, 2019

  As a Tablet Charging Cart Supplier, there is some information to share with you.

Tablet Storage Charging Cart

Tablet Storage Charging Cart

  1. Main material: 1.0-1.8mm SPCC cold-rolled carbon steel combined with environmentally friendly ABS engineering plastics.

  2. The tablet charging car adopts a fully enclosed anti-theft structure, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and antistatic.

  3. The overall shape of the three sides of the large arc is excessive, the arc D80MM, a beautiful atmosphere, safe and stable.

  4. Tablet Storage Charging Cart adopts subdivision design, the front part is the teacher and student use area, and the rear part is the equipment debugging maintenance area. Use different anti-theft locks before and after (the front door is a double anti-theft lock). The inner part of the cabin is separated from strong and weak electricity, and students cannot access the strong electricity part.

  5. High-quality ultra-quiet casters (four-wheeled universal, two-wheeled brakes) and left and right ergonomic handles.

  6. Environmental protection ABS engineering plastic single machine partition, which has a built-in partition with a card slot and does not scratch the screen, the USB cable inside the cabinet is smooth and beautiful. At the same time, the groove is reserved for easy access to the computer.

  7. USB power supply, 5V/2A direct output, full power management chip IC design, automatic detection of the plate allows input current, the preferential supply of low potential devices. According to the battery power, the power is automatically supplied in three modes: normal, fast, and turbulent. The main power supply adopts PFC technology to increase the efficiency of current use and purely filter the current to protect the motherboard from hardware damage caused by sudden power failure or unstable current, and pass 3C certification and ROHS certification.

  8. The external LED digital indicator light of the cabinet corresponds to the corresponding position of the equipment in the cabinet, which is displayed in a centralized manner and reflects the charging status of each tablet in real-time.

  9. Tablet PC charging car is equipped with an integrated power management system, which integrates anti-leakage, anti-short-circuit, anti-overload, multi-mode display digital intelligent switch machine function. You can set the time at your own pace, save energy, and have a priority power supply. When using (Auto), the system defaults to charging all day.

  10. The temperature-controlled fan is forced to dissipate heat and the intelligent mutual circulation heat dissipation structure. The heat generated by the adapter during the charging process is forcibly discharged by the fan, and the temperature does not move when the temperature is within the safe range. The above is the basic functions and parameters of the flat charging cabinet. The choice of the flat charging cabinet can be combined with the above description to select the appropriate flat charging cabinet. In today's smart terminal, all kinds of mobile phones, the era of multi-size tablet flooding The centralized safe charging of a large number of devices is indeed a thorny problem, but the tablet charging cabinet is turned out to solve this problem perfectly. The tablet charging cabinets on the market are also a large number of brands, the quality is uneven, and there is no shortage of fish and eyes. Our reliable and fully functional Charging Cart For Laptop is worthy of your trust.

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