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What Should Education Focus On Most?

Feb. 27, 2019

At present, there is an image description of the stage of education development in China: “Four beams and eight pillars” have been firmly established and began to enter “complete construction interior decoration”. Then, in the "complete construction interior decoration" stage, what should focus on education development? Laptop Charging Cart Supplier believes that based on the fact that we have built the world's largest education system and have formed many fundamental and consensus educational ideas, the focus and focus of education in the new era needs to be adjusted in time. It is guaranteed by external conditions to enter the essence of education, to more deeply grasp the nature and laws of education, to pay more attention to people's own growth propositions, and to focus on the healthy growth of people themselves. This is not only the nature of the law of education, but also the foundation of the construction of an education powerhouse. The inevitability of education modernization.

1. Future-oriented education needs to be internalized and focused on the healthy growth of people themselves.

Education has two basic social functions: one is to complete the socialization of people, that is, the children must gradually grow up, adapt to the society, and the family members become social people; the second is to realize the modernization of human beings, that is, human beings are constantly improving themselves. Before the development, human growth should be healthy, progressive and evolutionary, and the first generation is stronger than the first generation.

Therefore, the human body, psychology, cognition, and morality should be the unity of harmony and health. Each individual is a complete and inseparable whole, satisfying both social needs and self-development needs. Social needs are diverse, and people's personality characteristics are diverse. Education can be focused on each other and educated in accordance with their aptitude. However, socialization and self-improvement are necessary. In the new era, education needs to focus on the perfect combination of the two.

2. Quality education is both a relative concept and a problem of understanding. It is not good to blindly raise the height.

To solve the main contradictions of education, it is necessary to address the problem of insufficient development imbalance, gradually improve the quality of education, comprehensively improve quality, and continuously meet the people's demand for a better life and better education. However, quality and quality education are both relative concepts and cognitive problems. Is it good to pull up? I'm afraid not. Because if that is the case, it is highly probable that the more "quality" education will be, the more dissatisfied the people are, and the more unfavorable the child will grow.

The new journey of building a strong education country begins on the completion of the “four beams and eight pillars” of education reform and development. The next step of “complete construction interior decoration” will be more refined and needs to start from the standard. The standard of education reflects the mastery and grasp of the law of education, and there must be a certain logical connection between different standards. The principle of standard setting is to be macroscopically and microscopically invigorated, and the system must be connected to each other. Otherwise, everyone will emphasize their own importance, which will lead to abnormal development and will continue to generate new problems of inadequate imbalance. In accordance with the logical progressive relationship of educational standards, we must focus on the growth standards, school standards, academic or professional standards, and curriculum standards.

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