What are the Management Measures of Digital Podium?

Mar. 10, 2020

As a Digital Podium China Supplier, share with you. Due to the large-scale use of multimedia teaching in universities, multimedia podiums have become the most suitable equipment for carrying multimedia systems. Once installed, it will take a long time. Although the quality-assured multimedia platform is composed of sturdy and durable materials, its management measures also need to be implemented. It can enjoy the intelligence and convenience brought by Digital Podium, and maintain it through sound management. Period of use. The high-quality and reasonable multimedia podium is an integrated supporting platform often used in modern classrooms or conferences. It can accommodate a whole set of multimedia systems and can realize the entire multimedia equipment control mode on the podium. Explaining the content of courseware provides convenience, on the other hand, it is constantly developing towards refinement.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium

First, the environment where the podium is placed is mainly dry

Once the multimedia platform is turned on, it needs to be connected to a power source and directly connected to computers and other equipment. Therefore, it should be placed in a dry place. If it is placed in a humid shaded area, the safety hazard of electricity cannot be discharged, which will directly cause the multimedia platform If it cannot function properly, it is necessary to always ensure the cleanliness of the environment around the multimedia platform.

Second, you need to shut down the equipment in time

Multimedia lecterns are usually equipped with special locks and keys. There is a special area for keyboards and other multimedia equipment. Normally, you can use the switch of the equipment before you use it. It should be noted that after use, you should close it in accordance with the operation process. Power the device and lock the corresponding area to prevent external factors from causing damage to the lectern.

Third, regularly clean up the dust and garbage in the podium

High-quality and reasonable multimedia lecterns involve multiple operating areas, so there are many gaps, including the locations of keyboards, computers, and microphones. Therefore, the lecterns need to be cleaned after a period of time, mainly to deal with the residual dust and Use a dry cloth to clean up small rubbish in case of power failure to ensure that the podium is clean and tidy.

Although the Guangzhou multimedia platform does not need to be taken care of, like those delicate instruments, it must also be taken care of in its daily use. The podium should be placed on a raised dry ground, and the opening and closing operations should conform to the procedures and specifications. The indispensable regular cleaning work needs to be carried out continuously, and the new look and service life of the podium should be maintained in many ways.

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