Modern Media Optimizes Experimental Teaching

Apr. 23, 2019

As a School Furniture Collaborative Table Supplier, let's talk about the optimization of experimental teaching in modern media.

In the traditional experimental teaching, especially the demonstration experiment, there are problems such as the students can not see the experimental phenomena and processes, the emphasis is not prominent, the reproducibility is poor, and the time is long. This undoubtedly creates a chemical concept for students, understands and consolidates chemistry knowledge, and trains students to observe problems, analyze problems, solve problems, and initially master chemical experiment skills. Combining modern media with traditional teaching can better solve the above problems. With the projection, modern teaching media such as TV, video and computer have successively entered the chemistry classroom teaching. Multimedia has various forms of expression such as sound, shape, scene, motion and static, large capacity, time-out, good The characteristics of inducibility and acceptability show a dynamic chemical world in front of teachers and students, enhance the initiative of teaching and learning, improve students' interest in learning chemistry and participation enthusiasm, and promote the improvement of teaching quality. Favored by teachers and students.

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