Tips For Purchasing Phone Charging Cabinet

Aug. 22, 2018

Phone Charging Cabinet is a storage device that has been quietly popular in the past two years. It is used in many places, such as libraries, schools, factories, etc. It can help us store mobile phones, iPads, etc., and also has charging function. Very convenient, though, but the mobile phone charging cabinet has only been developed in the past two years, so most consumers are not very understanding of it, and the purchase will also be affected. Xiaobian specially sorted out some points that must be seen in the purchase of mobile phone charging cabinets for your reference.

1. Look at the plate: The so-called plate is the thickness of the plate, which is also an important reference for selecting a mobile phone charging cabinet. The average plate is 1.5mm, but the plate of the mobile phone cabinet made by many manufacturers does not meet this standard.

2. Look at the surface treatment: choose a high-quality mobile phone charging cabinet, not only pay attention to the sheet, but also pay attention to the appearance, the domestic advanced technology is the electrostatic spraying process, the general company does not have such a level of technology, so the choice is to pay attention.

3. Look at the classification: mobile phone charging cabinets will have different prices in the selection, and there is a lot of difference, this is because of the classification of mobile phone cabinets. He mainly has the following major categories, electronic mobile phone charging cabinet, swipe-type mobile phone charging cabinet, fingerprint mobile phone charging cabinet, bar code mobile phone charging cabinet and so on.

4. See thickness tolerance: The control of sheet thickness tolerance is an important manifestation of quality management and production technology. The thickness tolerance of the imported material cast sheet is controlled within 0.2mm.

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Phone Charging Cabinet

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