Portable Infrared Thermometer

Jul. 09, 2020

Portable Infrared Thermometer

Facing the sudden epidemic situation, all walks of life are striving to use specialty to help fight the epidemic. Body temperature measurement and personnel tracking are important means of preventing and controlling the epidemic. With the resumption of work in various places, office buildings, parks and other work places have long queues for measuring body temperature. How to not only complete the temperature investigation, but also reduce the impact on people's normal work and life, and avoid the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing temperature measurement, has become an important demand in the process of social resumption.


Product description:

Portable infrared thermometer is an accurate and convenient device for measuring human body temperature. When the person walks through the security channel, follow the guidelines to put the wrist close to the temperature probe. If the temperature of the person's body exceeds the preset temperature, the system will automatically sound and light alarm. If the body temperature is normal, the safety system displays the normal body temperature value and displays the body temperature on the LCD screen in real time. It is easy to use, simple, flexible to move, high in accuracy, and low in false alarm rate. It not only detects and alarms people who cause a rise in body temperature, but also is used as a rapid body temperature measurement device.

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