What are the Applicable Scenarios of Smart Charging Cabinets?

Apr. 14, 2020

Applicable scenarios of intelligent charging cabinet: The charging cabinet usually refers to a type of computer equipment that converts AC power into a multi-line device. The intelligent charging cabinet is widely used in various fields, and can be widely used in schools, institutions, enterprises and other collective units as simultaneous charging devices. The intelligent charging cabinet facilitates the management of digital products. As a Tablet Charging Cart Supplier, share with you.

What are the Applicable Scenarios of Smart Charging Cabinets?

Laptop Charging Cart

Which Laptop Charging Cart is suitable for those scenes?

1. School: In recent years, the popularization of smart teaching systems in a large number of schools, the increasing popularity of smart classrooms, and the increase in the use of tablet computers in schools, a problem has emerged. The school’s intelligent teaching helps to improve learning efficiency. Good, but how to charge so many tablets has become a problem. Considering the high efficiency of batch charging and the safety of charging, you must also pay attention to the anti-theft problem of school tablets. Class teachers inevitably need to send information, documents, Data such as assignments are uploaded to the student ’s tablet one by one, which is extremely inefficient. It wastes teacher and student classroom time and affects the teacher ’s class progress. Insufficient student learning time leads to a decline in grades, etc., so so much tablet data Synchronization is also a problem.

2. Airport: The airport is a place with a large flow of people and a large demand for charging, so it is particularly important to configure a series of charging cabinets at the airport. The airport is a place with a lot of personnel. I believe many people care about the anti-theft during charging.

3. Company: The company is also a place with a large number of people and a large demand for charging, and some companies will involve the simultaneous charging of multiple devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, etc. If the charging is not centralized, the charging is messy , Various charging wires are entangled, which affects the company’s image. Second, the pressure on the wires and circuits due to the simultaneous charging of various devices may cause short circuits and burn circuits and equipment. Therefore, it is also beneficial for the company to have several Chromebook Charging Station.

4. Hotel: The hotel reception or hotel restaurant is applicable.

5. Training class: the same reason school, efficient and fast charging, and to ensure the safety of student charging.

6. Libraries: There are more and more e-libraries now, and more and more people use electronic reading, so there is more and more demand for charging.

7. Factory: All kinds of factories producing electronic equipment, factory testing, batch charging.

8. Family: The charging needs of various mobile phones, notebooks, and tablet computers for a family of 5-8 people should not be underestimated.

9. Logistics: A huge logistics company that meets the charging needs of various personnel.

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