Tablet Smart Charging Cart in the education industry

Nov. 09, 2019

With the development of digital information, the current educational model has broken through the traditional way of relying on a single book. More and more schools and businesses in developed regions receive education in an integrated manner. In the past, students had to walk from the classroom to the computer room or classroom to achieve audiovisual education. This method is not only troublesome, but the effect also is not ideal, and the running cost is high.

Tablet Smart Charging Cart

Tablet Smart Charging Cart

Tablet Smart Charging Cart provides information technology environment for school research innovation “teaching” in developed regions. The informationization of education reform has been realized, and students have got rid of heavy schoolbags. Simplify the student information tool environment (mobile e-learning) Students can use their laptops to learn independently.

Tablets PC Charging Carts has a large number of USB ports, which can effectively charge a variety of mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones at the same time. It can also serve as a security protection and file transfer function for large public places.

Once the charging cabinet is powered, place the tablet in the compartment of the charging cabinet. Each partition has a corresponding USB interface. Connect the tablet and USB interface using a standard Android / Apple cable. There is an LED light in each tablet charging location. Instructs to intelligently identify the charging status of each panel. When charging, the LED light is red and when it is full/no load, it is green.

As a new charging method, the tablet charging car can manage the centralized charging of tablets or laptops in batches. It is very popular in information education schools. Let us introduce the various uses of the tablet charging cabinet:

The flat panel charging cabinet is suitable for flat screens of various operating systems, smart terminals such as mobile phones, centralized and safe charging, efficient synchronization, solutions and tailor-made solutions. Tablet charging cabinet application scenarios: school, airport, library, training school, logistics, corporate company, store, family, hotel, etc. These locations require a large number of efficient centralized charging environments, leaving no space for any space.

In today's smart terminals, all kinds of mobile phones, multi-size tablets in the era of flooding, a large number of devices centralized security charging is indeed a thorny problem, but the tablet charging cabinet turned out to be the perfect solution to this problem, the market tablet charging cabinet is also Many brands, the quality is uneven, the fish is not lacking, the quality is reliable, the function is complete, the production of flat charging cabinet, safer, convenient, firm, humanized, with modern aesthetics, always leading the industry front. Our company is USB Charging Cart Supplier, welcome to consult.

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