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What Is The Main Customer Group For Tablet Charging Cart?

Feb. 19, 2019

Many people have questions, which customer groups does Tablet Charging Cart target?

The main customer group of tablet charging cabinets is the school. This is mainly in line with China's education reform policy. In order to change the phenomenon of “small body big schoolbags”, the country combines the rapid development of China's Internet to reduce the burden of schoolbags for primary and middle school students. Promote the use of e-books to replace paper textbooks.

But the problem also arises. If there are 40 students in each class and use e-books (tablets) to teach, how to centrally charge these 40 tablets is a big problem. It is impossible to install one on each student desk in the classroom. Charging board, the activity of primary school students is large, and the safety problem is not allowed, including many safety considerations such as fire. At this time, the role of Tablets Pc Charging Carts is very large, and the tablet is concentrated in a safe charging environment to avoid many security problems.

Tablet Charging Cart HJ-CM22

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