Educational Reform And Transformation In The New Era

Jan. 19, 2019

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly pointed out that it is necessary to "accelerate the modernization of education" and "do good network education. Wisdom education is an advanced stage of the development of informatization education. It is based on the learning and development of all students. It uses the "Internet +" thinking and technology to create a smart learning environment and provide intelligent and efficient educational services for learners. Promote structural changes in traditional teaching and promote individualized growth and intellectual development of students. Today, the Tablet Charging Cart Manufacturer tells you how the education of the new era has changed.

1. From digital education to smart education

At present, there are many different understandings of the connotation of wisdom education at home and abroad. There are two kinds of understandings from the perspective of education and the perspective of informationization. In the context of "Internet +", we study and construct a new model of wisdom education from the perspective of informationization. It is an objective requirement for the development of the times. At the same time, wisdom education is a new educational model that uses the new generation of information technology to better serve “all students” and provides intelligent and efficient education services for learners.

2. Transforming from traditional classrooms to a smart learning environment

Implementing smart education requires building and providing students with a wise learning environment, and modern information technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence provide important means for this. The smart learning environment includes various types of learning places, platforms and environments that are beneficial to learners' knowledge learning, such as internal and external, in-class and out-of-class, online and offline, to help learners' ability and quality, and to promote individualized growth and development of learners. As the main channel of school education, classroom is the focus of smart learning environment construction.

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