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Jan. 14, 2019

Advancing the education governance system and the modernization of governance capacity are major propositions and core tasks for deepening education reform in the new era. The two dialectical and unified, complement each other, but not completely synchronized with the same frequency. The construction of educational governance capacity involves many aspects, but in the final analysis, it must be implemented in education, which is highlighted in the three aspects of school vitality, teacher motivation and student creativity. This is the core of education and must be achieved through the modernization of governance capabilities. aims. So what is the way to promote education modernization? Let the Tablet Charging Trolleys Manufacturer tell you the answer today.

1. Enhance the vitality of the school

At present, the school has taken on too many social responsibilities. Some schools have coped with various evaluations and inspections. The work of educating people has been disturbed, and the vitality of the school has been criticized by various aspects. To enhance the vitality of the school, it is necessary to implement the requirements of the discharge control service and the modern school system so that the school can carry out the teaching work with peace of mind. Finding the key points and breakthroughs to enhance the vitality of the school, focusing on the goal of comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and artistic, especially the implementation mechanism of Lideshu people, and trying to solve the problem of moral education, marginalization of sports and formalization of aesthetic education. It is necessary to form an effective mechanism for the school to coordinate with the government, the family, and the society.

2. Enhance the motivation of teachers

Teachers are the most active factor in the development of education and the fundamental driving force for educational change. One of the nine adherences put forward by the National Education Conference is to insist on the construction of the teaching staff as the basic work. In the coming decades, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies will flourish. In the face of a new generation of science and technology revolution, the traditional teacher training, training and development system faces major challenges. Comprehensively deepening the comprehensive reform of education, if the motivation of teachers is not motivated, it is difficult to say that our education reform is successful. To enhance the motivation of teachers, we must first deeply understand the mission of the teachers. Regardless of how the future technology advances, do not shake the teacher's duty to teach and educate people. Only teachers who love education will have the driving force behind the development of education. Second, more funds should be used for the construction of the teaching staff to improve the political status, social status and professional status of teachers. Secondly, according to the requirements of the times, we must reform the teacher training system, enhance the professional skills of teachers, and improve the institutional system for the professional development of teachers.

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