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The Application Of Digital In Teaching

Aug. 15, 2018

In the digital teaching, the originally rigid book text can be converted into a lively combination of sound, image and animation. These forms combine to greatly enrich the interactive form in the classroom and have high teaching information. Quality acquisition has a positive effect.

(1) Using multimedia playback to produce a specific and intuitive teaching effect: using digital technology to change the teaching content of the graphics, color changes, freezes, etc. For example: in the high school knowledge system about polyhedron teaching, then you can use courseware Multi-faceted display of different aspects of three-dimensional graphics, using color changes, rotation and other animation simulation, which is more vivid, vivid and intuitive, easy for students to understand, and can stimulate interest in mathematics learning in the learning process.

(2) Using dynamic effects to promote positive thinking: Through digital processing, text expressions and animation changes can transform a boring mathematical problem into many different types, progressively, through multiple questions and multiple questions. The form can exercise the student's divergent thinking.

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The Application Of Digital In Teaching

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