Aug. 30, 2019


The film Fire Hero was adapted from documentary literature. For the first time, the director told the story of the firefighters on the big screen to restore the real events. The film type is a disaster film and the film Fire Hero gives himself a big problem.

It’s not easy to shoot a movie of fire. It is not easy for a movie to take a real event. It’s not easy to shoot a hero.

Thus, the film masters created the most stupid and probably the most effective method -- true reproduction. The director and screenwriter spent a year interviewing firefighters. In the film, Huang Xiaoming's many words are all obtained from interviews. During the two years of preparation, the tank farm was rebuilt in a one-to-one ratio. The actor trained for 100 days and experienced 840 hours of a real fire.

As the film is released, all the effort is worth it. Released on August 1st, the film broke the 1.2 billion box office within 13 days. Young viewers watched the movie and took their parents and children to watch for the second or third times. The audience commented that The Fire Hero was tearful and burning. The audience commented that "This group of people who should be the most concerned, was finally made into a movie." 

If there haven’t this movie, everyone may not be able to remember this event. When it comes to the original intention of creation, the film masters said we resist forgetting. The audience burst into tears when watching films and the most wanted to pay tribute are those ordinary but great firefighters. Firefighters are civilian heroes who charge the most dangerous first line and silently guard the peace.

After the film was released, Sang Wu said, "I don't want to recall some scenes. If I let me choose today, I will still be there. This is my job." Such words are plain, easy and true. The film Fire Hero can resonate widely and precisely because it intercepts fragments of thousands of firefighter families. It depicts thousands of civilian heroes who are dedicated to their jobs.

"Greatness comes from the ordinary and heroes come from the people." Heroism shines in the new era. Besides, every ordinary can write sublime!

Hebei Haijie Modern Educational Equipment Co., Ltd. also organized all employees to watch the movie. Every employee, from the leader to the worker, shares our feelings after watching the film.

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