The Importance of Intelligent Teaching Equipment

Jun. 26, 2018

With the rapid spread of smart devices, the threshold for people to obtain knowledge is getting lower and lower, and the efficiency of knowledge acquisition has also greatly improved. At the same time, the advent of the mobile Internet era has also enabled a large number of users to use fragmented time to learn. However, the core of education lies in the interaction between teachers and students. If simply moving classroom education to the Internet does not change the nature of education.

The basic education is education, not simple knowledge transfer. This is also the advantage of traditional classroom education. In addition to the teaching of knowledge, the role of teachers also needs to help students establish the correct three viewpoints. The interaction between teachers and students and the exchanges between classmates are indispensable links in the teaching process. . However, the current Internet education has not been able to solve the problems of less study interaction, lack of classroom atmosphere, imperfect practice evaluation system, etc., and it has not been able to increase the speed of knowledge acquisition, but only added new learning approaches and tools. It does not help improve the teaching level.

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