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Interactive Classroom Tables And Chairs Make Teaching More Exciting!

Feb. 13, 2019

With the continuous development of informatization education, informational education such as smart classrooms has entered the classrooms of primary and secondary schools. People have put forward higher requirements for the teaching environment and facilities. Haijie has independently developed an interactive Student Chair With Writing Tablet for children, which allows children to have a more comfortable learning environment and a more active classroom atmosphere.

The interactive classroom Smart Chair is used in maker classrooms, smart classrooms, general classrooms, training classrooms, etc. The scenes are varied and freely spliced.

The Training Room Chair is ergonomically designed to meet the teacher's teaching, group activities, and individual learning modes. It can quickly and easily convert classroom layouts, enhance students' comfort, deepen their connection and enhance their participation in the classroom. 

School Furniture Interactive Teaching Chairs HD01

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