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When You Feel the Power of China

Jul. 30, 2019

Recently, the hottest movie Wolf Warrior 2 has won a great reputation. The audience felt so touched when they see the power of China. But some people still question the truth of the movie and they think China is not that powerful. Actually, China's increasing power is influencing the world.

When you travel abroad, you can find that the commercial ads have been translated into two languages, one is English and the other is Chinese. This is a great sign to show the power of Chinese tourists. As our economy is increasing, many countries want to catch more Chinese tourists to earn profits. At least we are no longer leave the poor image to the foreign countries.

When You Feel the Power of China

No one can deny the fact that China is influencing the world. When many policies have been made by foreign leaders, they will seek cooperation with the Chinese government, because China is the future. What's more, many homemade products are favored by foreigners. China is no longer the poor country, though we admit that there is still a long way to go for being stronger. We gain great faith. 

As a member of China's future development, haijie will do its utmost to do a good job in the education industry. Strive for China's tomorrow!

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