The smart classroom starts here-Smart Locker

Sep. 07, 2020

Smart cabinet can access items in many ways, such as face recognition, swipe, fingerprint authentication, WeChat, password (fingerprint authentication, WeChat, password is optional). It has high security and easy access. No consumables are needed, which can store items and charge mobile devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Smart lockers are widely used in factories, enterprises, schools, government agencies, etc., to meet the needs of people to store goods, safe storage and mobile devices.

The smart classroom starts here-Smart Locker

1, Using 7-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, Android system, easy to operate and simple, strong and elegant, easy to operate;each single box has a built-in power socket with 1 three-phase jack, 1 two-phase jack and 2 USB port.

2, Card: school IC card, access control system or parking lot RF IC card can be registered as the smart card key card, expand the card function, expand the ID card and ID card swipe (need to add ID card module and ID card Card reader module, etc., one card supports multiple box access.

3, Face recognition: face recognition storage, brush face open storage, brush face open to take the object, a face to support multi-box access, convenient and safe.

4. Fingerprint identification: fingerprint identification storage, fingerprint opening storage, fingerprint opening and taking objects, convenient and safe (optional fingerprint identification module).

5, WeChat mobile phone: access to items through WeChat, remote unlock and view unlocking records (optional WeChat module and device networking).

6. Local management: The administrator can enter the management menu by entering the management password. The administrator can realize all operations on the intelligent locker, set the user's unpacking mode, the number of boxes, maintenance equipment, and all clear boxes. Single box open, system date and time, modify user password and other functions.

7. Emergency unpacking: We have fully considered the emergency unpacking scheme when designing the intelligent locker and the electric control lock. Once the disconnection or electric lock is faulty, the administrator can open the emergency unpacking lock and manually unpack the box;

8, Out of the box: the user can choose the empty box they want to use, if a box is not enough to save multiple boxes, a person can use the number of boxes, the administrator can set;

9, Beautiful and energy-saving: very low standby power consumption (≤ 10W), using a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, beautiful and generous.

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